C223 $145.00


This is said to be the most interesting and important of all early chess pieces. The pieces were found in 1831 in an underground chamber on the west coast of the isle of Lewis - there are seventy eight pieces, sixty seven of which are in the British Museum and eleven of which are in the National Museum in Edinburgh. The original pieces were all the same color, and it is very interesting that all figures on the two "sides" have differences which make them clearly identifiable - one king has a round face, the other a beard, one knight carries his shield differently than the other, etc. The pawns for one side are engraved "tombstone" shapes - the other pawns are rounded "bullet" shapes. Their exact origin in unknown - they have been attributed both to Scotland and to Scandinavia but are generally accepted as 12th century. Height of the king is 3-1/2". Really wonderful chubby figures.

This set is produced in England.  It is made of reconstructed marble (crushed marble and resin) and finished by hand staining.  Does not include board.

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